Wedding organisation is always big stress for the couple. Quite often, due to the high complexity of the wedding it is not possible for the bride and the groom to have enough time for the individual photo session on their wedding day, because normally it takes up to 3 hours. Today it becomes more popular to make an individual photo session of couple in some other day, before or after the main event. I really like this trend, especially “after” wedding one, and I am suggesting it to many of my customers. Below you can find few reasons why:

  • Just married  are no longer worried about organisational part of their wedding
  • The bride and groom are much more relaxed, focused on the outcome of the photo shoot and enjoy each other
  • They won´t be disturbed by guests and relatives during the photo shoot
  • They can choose any desirable place, even another city or country
  • On the wedding day couple will have more time to spend on calm morning preparations, guests and happy celebration

Alexandra´s & Sergo´s wedding day was held in Georgia, on the groom´s homeland. Due to extremely hot weather they decided to postpone their individual photo session and to leave only wedding reportage on the wedding day. After their arrival back to Germany I was so exited to renew this wonderful moments for Alexandra & Sergo. After I delivered pictures to young married couple they were so happy for the decision they made in Georgia.