As many times I met my friends and left my camera at home, as many times I regretted it. This time, going for a walk with incredible Jane May (bloger at and her daughter I luckily grabbed the camera. Despite the fact that the shooting was not planned, it anyway turned out lovely pictures. Analyzing the outcome of this spontaneous photoshoot I was convinced once more with significance of harmonic outfit for the photo shooting.

Planning any type of photo session, whether it is going to be a family walk in the park, love story in a cozy coffee or anything else, make sure to think about your final look in advance. Perfectly combined partner look will make your pictures look even more professional and balanced. Such pictures attracts people attention and make them concentrating on emotions and faces, instead of noticing poorly matched colors.

The best thing you can do is to discuss all details with your photographer. Normally, a good specialist will give you practical suggestions concerning the style and colors depending on the selected shooting location. Moreover; photographer may help you with the idea and location depending on your personal expectations. Do not hesitate to ask such questions, because your photographer will surely be happy to think about all little details with you, create an idea and bring it to live. He might also suggest some accessories for your particular outfit or even bring some for the photo session.

P.S. You can learn some tipps on how to create a partner look with your child through the following link: Text is in German and Russian.