Hello my Friends!

I am glad you liked my work and want to know more about me. I was born and grew up in Estonia in Tallinn – a medieval trading city represented as an intoxicating mix of ancient church spires, glass skyscrapers, baroque palaces, appealing eateries, brooding battlements, shiny shopping malls, rundown wooden houses and cafes set on sunny squares, a city with an exceptional atmosphere. After my graduation from the high school in Estonia, I moved to the United Kingdom and started my Bachelors education in the field of Events Management. On the second year of my study in University College Birmingham I became interested in photography, especially the portrait photography. Perhaps, Birmingham led me to this, more so, the diversity of the population in this city. Being a multi-cultural city, the passersby´s faces were so colorful and full of emotions, creating a unique beauty. At that time, photography was a wonderful pass time in the difficult moments of my study in a foreign language. After graduation, my fiancé (today husband) and I moved to Cologne, Germany and started internships in our fields of education. For almost a year I worked in a small catering company as an assistant of the event manager. Since the main income of the company were weddings, in my free time I had a chance to practice my skills in the reportage photography. Now I see how unprofessional were my pictures, but something in my works caught the newlywed’s eye. Their pleasant reviews became my main motivation to get seriously engaged in photography and to make it my profession, a profession of my life. I spent a lot of time learning the features of the camera, picture processing and retouching. Today, I’m probably the happiest person, because all stages of my work, from meeting new amazing people, up to delivering the results of my work – are things which bring into my life self-satisfaction, passion and a desire to improve myself from day to day. My main aim as a photographer – is to memorializing the individuality of each, revealing their special beauty and the love in their eyes. I work both as a documentary and a fine art photographer, mixing these styles on wedding days, family celebrations and other special events. I also love to develop concepts for individual photo sessions, am engaged in love story photo shoots, happy maternity moments and many more. If my photography style is exactly what you would like to see in your photo albums, I will be happy to be at your service. Please fill in the contact form, and I will answer you shortly. Thanking you in advance and waiting to hear from you. I am glad you now know a little more about me and can make your decision.

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